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FASHION Magazine February 2014 Cover: Lady Gaga

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Fashion magazine 2014 can cover: Lady Gaga
Hard to believe it has been only five years since his first album was released, the fame of Lady gaga. The number of photos, sound clips and visits by year 27 sparked a supernatural folk culture. New choices for Cabinet has inspired fans and popularity of similar groups of designers such as Gaultier, Hussein Kalyan. Sold his first bouquet, fame, founded in 2012, 6 million bottles in the first week. Undergraduate courses have analyzed the socio-political importance. The only graph topper has used the word "bisexual" to hit the plate number a ("born this way in 2011"), and his twitter followers saw 40 million and 60 million Facebook fans for his fight for equalise rights for charwomen and the gay community. Last year, readers of time magazine named him the most influential second-person of the Decade (against the United States chairman Barack Obama). Unlike many in his line of work, mode of love Gaga is not a flirt.
If wearing the fabled labels, new engineerings or clothing based on messages, a woman, formerly called Stefanie Germanotta is a living, breathing canvas. Which is believably why Donatella Versace crazy as the new face of the label. Before the next global cycle, Sam Gaga with characteristics for mode Elio aianaksi editor talk about his concerns and his current album, artbob. Here's a taste to the exclusive interview in the fashion magazine, which will hit newsstands in newspapers in January 13, 2014.
In the intimate family relationship with fashion:
"Manner which is the thing that stops me comprising sad. I've always been interested in my way and my apparel. When I go out of my apartment, I want to be beautiful for fans but not [in] [method] hot sexy girl-don't care about that, I want to just make feel you something with what I assume. I want you to feel happy and enjoy my life stage as I do. Come hell or high water with my music, wherever you go to-will be lost in the heart of the glamourous girl in New York. This is who I am and not doing and never marketed. This is me until my heart and mode for a large part of my life. »
In the fight against depression with music:
"I put all my pain in practice and festive as this album, this joy and if you look at the album cover there is an detonation of joy that comes from a place of pain in my affection since I was young, and this is why understand us one another, because I wasn't born happy and of course"always in a good mood, believe in me. I was born with a sad heart. I felt not living if at any given time. »
The power of Donatella Gianni Versace:
"Always I have not watch anyone. It may be little lonely for you know that some people accept been very accepted me as an creative person and not some people. See Donatella where and how it is now and still go it makes me feel as if I was a role model. I have someone I can look at and say 'could be', or maybe I can try at least. "
Find Gaga Mr. :
"It was backbreaking for me to chance it, but found love. '' When you meet someone who is not intimidating you incredible love u you receive - and this love. The men were not always happy with me. It is very difficult to see a woman to be so successful. »

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