Monday, August 11, 2014

Kim Kardashian, join Kendall Jenner the birthday girl kiley Jenner at the adolescent choice

presents - see the photos!
Kylie Jenner is one of the busy girls!
After celebrating his birthday with champions and family, 17 years old, the year that she arrived at her way to the "teen alternative awards"! Teen Brunette sharing car Sylvie on the way to the exhibition and has written, 'bday fuzzy motion picture along my way to check a teenager."
Wekindal of Kim Kardashian old sisters Jenner also joined the little sister to the event. Same sent Ms. Kanye his ferocious way of Sylvie. In the title "title" teen choice awards"!" star winding PIC.
Look: Kylie Jenner is more beautiful
All three ladies look arresting on the blue carpet!
Mama wore 'Northwest' black zebra printed skirt and black leather crop tops, while the 18-year-old model assumed all white ensemble with large paintings.
Birthday girl a simple culture in black with a printed skirt Green was shaken and revealed that she has shaved the back of his head earlier today!
Talk about a birthday surprise!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

These 7 and cosmetic products is the stuff that aspirations are created of for lazy girls

Been advertising of beauty without difficulty and this rising trend side - products and more. We are talking about beauty with profits bonded to make your systematic weakness as it should this season. Prove that less can be more, save this space, cosmetics and work twice as hard, so you don't have to. To show you two ways for one, we found the eyeshadow palette which also work as a set of patches and all-natural wonder products that you can use for skin, nails and hair upwards. We rounded beauty of dual-purpose seven copies to pull their exercising weight and then some. If matchless thing is clear, they are called heroes of beauty for a reason.
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Fashion Street style Toronto 17 week: shots that spring comes (finally)!

Fashion Street style Toronto 17 week: shots that spring comes (finally)!
It's official. Toronto has enough for the winter. For the launch of the World MasterCard fashion week, chose a host of fashion layers more pop and light brilliant color. If we dress for spring, it will come just as fast?
Social gold Toronto fashion, patron and Sylvia Mantilla peeling Orange "BOLD" emphasize her turnip pink dress ivory, light of Mikhael below. Why go to a bright color when you two rock? Rose Bubble gum coat stylist Odessa Paloma Parker hairy look stylish, even more when combined with psychedelic equal claw. The usual style of street stars Plagiarism CheckerSamantha webikrman Killian on kitsch ' 90 s full in bright yellow with a backpack of Ying Yang and a denim jacket Simpson DIY home. They are glam appearance rolls, switching on their normal relaxed tresses in favour of his 40s loops and victory, while adding a blogger "handaho MB" Byzantine blue for his look matches the deep tone of his Burgundy shirt. Model Stacey McKenzie defied the cold and continued glamour full dress slit stockings with abolitis MOQ embellished.
Elsewhere, it was a lot of edge in the Middle Rock ' don't roll. And Carol Gracie black motorcycle jacket paired with a black bag with gold and encrusted with denim. Three men bearing finely realized trend Sport Jersey spring baseball Varsity jackets and black kicks oversized.

Trending now: adorn safety pin hair Kelly Osbourne all angles

Trending now: adorn safety pin hair Kelly Osbourne all angles.
Kelly Osbourne is really got into the game with it, but their choices were beauty really impressed us lately. I credited with trend Lavender hair that Katy Perry and Nicole Richie have been popularized since then, and last week, she began as we can have a look at the favorite of Kelly never: purple shaved hair on one side, decorated with pins of safety and several braids mess everywhere.
Pins stars exchanged their uncle smoother and sharper, look at this, too, is not very safe. Must have the safety Kelly Osbourne pin talks about party where they housed Refinery29 Cadillacs and with good reason. Design of flipper and implemented by her longtime stylist, Brian Randall, said it took an hour to remove. We believe that the look was worth it.
It is difficult to imagine her co-star "fashion police" and approval of coverage to the myth of Hollywood/nightmare, Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne hair pin security, surely will have a look at the most exclusive beauty still.
Kelly took his novel Instagram documenting removal painful research process, while I took her stylist Randall in his expression of love of the star. "He likes or hates, @kellyosbourne is always ready to risk and owns. I love this look #braided #punk @refinery29 event tonight. You are the ultimate collaborator, inspirational daily Kelly! "
What do you think of the safety of Kelly Osbourne hair pin? The swap will be bands and floral hair more dense hair accessories?

Beauty fix:Safety pins to scarves, encrusted with Crystal hair

Safety pins to scarves, encrusted with Crystal hair accessories Stars 15 will be adrift your mind.
Topknots and braids and pony tails three ways to play your style every day (especially when we consider the very easy achievement), but you have to admit, nothing baffles the accession of hair extension to instantly amplify your hair. There's just something we love to put additional Somethin ' on your hair really stand out in the crowd. While fames have tried out with everything, shag hair swept to the side chignons, it seems that these days, many of these stars list Add accessories make a statement at the end. Chloe grace Moretz Fedora to Blake for a headband satin to something a bit more outrageous (cue
2013 met Gala "coiffure Sarah Jessica Parker), and we collected 15 celebrity hair accessaries wild you can ask to look at every day. Or mayhap for your next masquerade ball. Communicate with you.
Lupita or a child participating in the modern "BOLD" beauty and refreshing era (Hello, is the new face of Lancome!)But the winner of 'Oscar' actress to the bottom when them concerns hair. While some might think that the Pixie cuts may be limited in the hair, or prove the contrary. How can we forget the simple but glittery headband she wore at the Oscars?
Pins also face sometime this twelvemonth. Emma Watson has shown us a serious hair game during its presentations of Noah. But a particular hairstyle (the outfit!) we loved the lalkonzah worked at the premiere in London. With her hair coiffed in a no fuss way pin gold intermittently placed below, young starlet shows us exactly how a up on lalkonzah. Speaking of the brought out pins, Kate Mara embodies the saying "business in the front, party in the back" in the kind of season 2 of cardcastle. While they may resemble the actress staged spring 2014 wet from the front of the hair, have pins on the full width on the rear. It is past the time to hide these flags in your hair! And if you have too much lying around the House safety pins, why not channel a punk hairstyle under Kelly Osborne? You can read all about it here.

Kate Middleton style

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Top Beauty

The Kardashian clan has been a time of major mode now, which can be attributed in part to the second smallest Atomic: 'Kendall Jenner. Already known for his appearances in the series: a reality different for the family, 18 years old surpassed garbage, hangs the look of the upper class of fashion as an alternative model for the day.
Jenner began his career again in 2010, appearing in a campaign of Forever21 and its sister Kylie. Really accelerated in the last months, [http://] Jenner walked Brigade heavy weekend fashion and cover of magazines and walked the red carpet as a coach. She made her debut on the runway at Marc Jacobs fall 2014, almost unrecognizable in a [] blunt Bob, bleached booms and tone on your Tan. After that, it was Giles, she went as well as mega models delivingni Kara and Dan Jordan. Make the most of his time in London, Jenner took the front row beside Anna Wintour at the unique spectacle tobshob. In Paris, she turned to new model, walking Givenchy with futuristic styling of return Chanel, in an oversized raincoat.
His star shone even more brilliant on the red carpet recently, first in a meeting ", in dress tobshob champagne strap and then the week last in Cannes, Chanel weshobard."
It seems it will be a lot of red carpet in the future, "Kendall Jenner and very soon!" Mochmosik has just announced as host of the recipients of this year and her sister Kylie, and if they have these popular rumors she will be enhanced any truth to them. Cheers to good genes and friends in high places.

Preview fall 2014: top moments of fashion workweek in New York City, London, Milan and Paris

Preview fall 2014: top moments of fashion workweek in New York City, London, Milan and Paris
As summertime winds down, we turn our attention to reluctantly decline, and there was comfort in the fact, this epic of the last turn fashion week. Nicolas Ghesquière second Louis Vuitton! Trek Alexander Wang ne

xt to Brooklyn (or anywhere else he deigns to lead us)! So much to see. But before going ahead, we present here an overview of the highlights of fashion week in the fall of 2014 as a foretaste of what is to come on the slopes and on the shelves. It's time to see the!

TFW backstage beauty: IZMA

I did not attend to LG Fashion hebdomad last night and consequently, didn't poke approximately backstage
at IZMA to grillroom the L'Oreal Paris haircloth and catch up with teams about what they
 were whomping up to full full complement the ultra glam assemblage, but anathemize I wish I
The side-parted, romantic befogs of curls were cypher short of
 gorgeous. To make the 1930s with a jot of 70s hair, chair hair creative person
 Eric del Monaco applied a double-barrelled iron to create benders and if any
 exemplars hair constituted longer than berm length-in order not '30s, people! -it constituted
Inserted nether at the nucha and barred with hairgrips for a false bob burden.
 A cloud of Elnett celebrated the bulk under control. Meanwhile lead compensate artist Eddie Malter calico lids bronze, added together a little of chocolate brownness to the
out corner and exceeded it cancelled with my electric electric current deary mascara L'Oreal
 ex- bulk Collagen. Brasses got a brush of Sculpting crimson Duo in Poppy
 and apparently, no discotheque glam girl deserving her diamantes and furs is all over
 without her cryptical merlot lip. In that causa, Infallible lupus erythematosus Rouge in
 "Persistent clean" did the conjuration.

FASHION Magazine February 2014 Cover: Lady Gaga

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Fashion magazine 2014 can cover: Lady Gaga
Hard to believe it has been only five years since his first album was released, the fame of Lady gaga. The number of photos, sound clips and visits by year 27 sparked a supernatural folk culture. New choices for Cabinet has inspired fans and popularity of similar groups of designers such as Gaultier, Hussein Kalyan. Sold his first bouquet, fame, founded in 2012, 6 million bottles in the first week. Undergraduate courses have analyzed the socio-political importance. The only graph topper has used the word "bisexual" to hit the plate number a ("born this way in 2011"), and his twitter followers saw 40 million and 60 million Facebook fans for his fight for equalise rights for charwomen and the gay community. Last year, readers of time magazine named him the most influential second-person of the Decade (against the United States chairman Barack Obama). Unlike many in his line of work, mode of love Gaga is not a flirt.
If wearing the fabled labels, new engineerings or clothing based on messages, a woman, formerly called Stefanie Germanotta is a living, breathing canvas. Which is believably why Donatella Versace crazy as the new face of the label. Before the next global cycle, Sam Gaga with characteristics for mode Elio aianaksi editor talk about his concerns and his current album, artbob. Here's a taste to the exclusive interview in the fashion magazine, which will hit newsstands in newspapers in January 13, 2014.
In the intimate family relationship with fashion:
"Manner which is the thing that stops me comprising sad. I've always been interested in my way and my apparel. When I go out of my apartment, I want to be beautiful for fans but not [in] [method] hot sexy girl-don't care about that, I want to just make feel you something with what I assume. I want you to feel happy and enjoy my life stage as I do. Come hell or high water with my music, wherever you go to-will be lost in the heart of the glamourous girl in New York. This is who I am and not doing and never marketed. This is me until my heart and mode for a large part of my life. »
In the fight against depression with music:
"I put all my pain in practice and festive as this album, this joy and if you look at the album cover there is an detonation of joy that comes from a place of pain in my affection since I was young, and this is why understand us one another, because I wasn't born happy and of course"always in a good mood, believe in me. I was born with a sad heart. I felt not living if at any given time. »
The power of Donatella Gianni Versace:
"Always I have not watch anyone. It may be little lonely for you know that some people accept been very accepted me as an creative person and not some people. See Donatella where and how it is now and still go it makes me feel as if I was a role model. I have someone I can look at and say 'could be', or maybe I can try at least. "
Find Gaga Mr. :
"It was backbreaking for me to chance it, but found love. '' When you meet someone who is not intimidating you incredible love u you receive - and this love. The men were not always happy with me. It is very difficult to see a woman to be so successful. »