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The Kardashian clan has been a time of major mode now, which can be attributed in part to the second smallest Atomic: 'Kendall Jenner. Already known for his appearances in the series: a reality different for the family, 18 years old surpassed garbage, hangs the look of the upper class of fashion as an alternative model for the day.
Jenner began his career again in 2010, appearing in a campaign of Forever21 and its sister Kylie. Really accelerated in the last months, [http://] Jenner walked Brigade heavy weekend fashion and cover of magazines and walked the red carpet as a coach. She made her debut on the runway at Marc Jacobs fall 2014, almost unrecognizable in a [] blunt Bob, bleached booms and tone on your Tan. After that, it was Giles, she went as well as mega models delivingni Kara and Dan Jordan. Make the most of his time in London, Jenner took the front row beside Anna Wintour at the unique spectacle tobshob. In Paris, she turned to new model, walking Givenchy with futuristic styling of return Chanel, in an oversized raincoat.
His star shone even more brilliant on the red carpet recently, first in a meeting ", in dress tobshob champagne strap and then the week last in Cannes, Chanel weshobard."
It seems it will be a lot of red carpet in the future, "Kendall Jenner and very soon!" Mochmosik has just announced as host of the recipients of this year and her sister Kylie, and if they have these popular rumors she will be enhanced any truth to them. Cheers to good genes and friends in high places.

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