Monday, August 11, 2014

Kim Kardashian, join Kendall Jenner the birthday girl kiley Jenner at the adolescent choice

presents - see the photos!
Kylie Jenner is one of the busy girls!
After celebrating his birthday with champions and family, 17 years old, the year that she arrived at her way to the "teen alternative awards"! Teen Brunette sharing car Sylvie on the way to the exhibition and has written, 'bday fuzzy motion picture along my way to check a teenager."
Wekindal of Kim Kardashian old sisters Jenner also joined the little sister to the event. Same sent Ms. Kanye his ferocious way of Sylvie. In the title "title" teen choice awards"!" star winding PIC.
Look: Kylie Jenner is more beautiful
All three ladies look arresting on the blue carpet!
Mama wore 'Northwest' black zebra printed skirt and black leather crop tops, while the 18-year-old model assumed all white ensemble with large paintings.
Birthday girl a simple culture in black with a printed skirt Green was shaken and revealed that she has shaved the back of his head earlier today!
Talk about a birthday surprise!

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